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Pareo Tying- High Fashion Beach Wear

Your fantastic beach vacation in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, calls for high fashion outfits for the beach, the pool and going out. Your beach fashion must be comfortable and easy to wear. Where do you shop for a new summer wardrobe that meets this criterion- especially if you are shopping in autumn or winter?

The answer lies in one versatile item- The classic pareo or sarong, as it is often called, is a large light-weight piece of fabric perfect for a day at the beach or as a pool side cover-up, but why stop there? With a few simple knots you can make a simple piece of cotton look like a high fashion dress suitable for the beach, the pool, all of the areas of the Real Club Resorts, around town, and even a evening out!

Real Club Cancun invites you to enjoy these quick pareo tying videos, learn how to turn your pareo into high fashion. Now all you need to travel is a bikini, a pareo, your passport and a reservation at one of the Real Club Resorts- no extra baggage fees for you!

The Real Club Resorts has a wide variety of pareos for sale in the Mexican Bazaar and in the gifts shops.

Once you feel the comfort of wearing a pareo and the ease of changing your look throughout the day, you may never want to go back to your regular clothes, or end your vacation at the Real Club Resorts!

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

A Day at the Beach: Surprising Health Benefits

Improve Your Health- at the Beach!

Of course you love the fun, sun and sand at the beach, but did you know that the beach is actually good for your health as well? Here are some health benefits to your beach vacation at the Real Club Resorts that you may find surprising!

Skin- It is believed that ocean waters increase blood circulation, thus accelerating skin cell regeneration for improved healing, boosting the skin’s natural immunities and improving skin texture.

The minerals and amino acids in the salty ocean water help to draw impurities and toxins out of the skin. Rosacea, psoriasis and eczema can be helped to heal faster with less flare ups by regular trips to the sea. Rashes from allergies or heat can also be soothed with ocean water.

*Try this- Give yourself an exfoliation treatment worthy of the finest day spa with all natural minerals and salt! Rub yourself down with handfuls of wet sand while playing in the ocean. Your skin will feel incredibly soft after your scrub down and you will radiate a healthy glow.

Allergies- Frequent salt water rinses of the sinus has proven to help fight allergies by lessening the inflammation of the delicate tissues, eliminating mucus and removing particles that can cause allergic reaction. Swimming in the ocean is a wonderful natural way to clean out the sinus cavities.

**To Read the rest of this article please go to Real Club Resorts Blog

martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

Keeping your Cool in Cancun

Cancun in August is hot! Don’t let the heat and humidity get you down, here is a list of simple tricks to help you stay cool.

Choose your tour- There plenty of things to see and do in the Mayan Riviera! Choose tours doing things that will help you to beat the heat. There is no need to suffer walking around an archeological site in the middle of August when there are underground caverns, centoes, beaches and jungle tours that would be more comfortable and cooling. If you really are dying to see the archeological zones or other sun kissed activities, follow these tips!

Umbrella- Carry an umbrella and have portable shade wherever you go! Keep the sun from beating down on your head and face. Staying shaded can go a long way to helping you feel cooler.

Stay hydrated- Drink plenty of water! Soft drinks and other beverages do not hydrate your body as well as plain natural water, enjoy all the cold beverage that call to you, but be sure to drink plain water as well. Carry a small bottle of water with you when you are out and about or while hanging out by the pool, especially if you are drinking alcohol. Staying hydrated will help you handle and will lessen the likelihood of heat stroke or other heat related illness.

Sun block- Make sure to use your sun block! This simple detail cannot be stressed enough! Put it on when you begin your day, before even leaving your comfortable room at the Real Club Resorts. Being sunburned makes you feel hotter and far less tolerant to the heat. Use caution when tanning or hanging around the pool and the beach and be sure to reapply sunscreen frequently.

Dress for the heat- Wear loose fitting, light weight clothing and avoid synthetic materials. Wear a sun hat and long sleeves to keep the sun off your skin. It may seem like long sleeves would make you hotter, but keeping the sun from directly hitting your skin will save you from sunburn and help you keep your cool.

Powder up- Baby powder will help keep you feeling comfortable. Powder yourself before dressing; it will help to keep you feeling drier and therefore cooler.

Bring a light sweater- Always carry a light weight cover-up or pareo. When you walk from outside into an air-conditioned shop or tour bus it can be quite a shock to your system. If you are sweaty you can easily catch a chill from the air-conditioning. Try to avoid extremes. Getting too hot and then too cold right away can leave you feeling exhausted and lower your body’s natural defenses.

viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

Top 5 Must Have Tacky Cancun Souvenirs

5- Mexican Sombrero-

The all time classic must have tacky Cancun souvenir. Actually, a Mexican sombrero, in its proper context, is far from tacky. When a group of Mariachis traditionally dressed in Mariachi Mexican cowboy attire with beautifully adorned sombreros serenades a young couple in love or an elderly lady on her birthday, it is truly a sight to behold. The velvet mass produced Mexican Sombrero souvenir is different from other tacky souvenirs because it only becomes truly tacky when it reaches its final destination only to promptly collect dust on a shelf or occasionally passed around at college parties.

4- Shot Glass- Nothing says Cancun like a shot glass with Cancun painted across the side in day glow letters. Or do yourself one better and go for the shot glass with the plastiline nude figurine wearing only a sombrero to conceal his manly parts. There are a million shot glass designs to choose from in varying degrees of tackiness, choose the one that’s best for you!

3- Mezcal with a worm or scorpion-

(The cheaper the better!) This is a traditional must! Buy this for that macho man in your life as a test of his manhood; buy it for your grandmother to clean the sticky residue from price tags off of her knick-knacks; buy it for yourself to show off at your next party! This is a highly coveted tacky souvenir must have. Make sure to pack it carefully- you don’t want to lose a drop of its volatile contents!

2- Lucha Libre Mask- Lucha Libre is Mexican wrestling, similar to American wrestling in its showy choreography but with elaborate costumes that include a mask. The masks cover the whole head and are somewhat reminiscent of the Gimp from the movie Pulp Fiction.

In Cancun, Lucha Libre masks have been seen adorning the head rests in cars- how you use yours is up to you.

1- Snow globe- The number one tackiest must have Cancun souvenir is definitely the snow globe! What could be tackier than a cheap plastic beach scene encased in a clear globe where it “snows” year ‘round? The definition of tacky is the mix of palm trees and snow- is it not?

Your trip to Cancun is not be complete without a collection of tacky souvenirs, don’t forget the snow globe!

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

8 Myths About Cancun DEBUNKED

Myth #1- Cancun is not safe.

Cancun is as safe as any other major city and even safer than some American cities. There is no denying that Mexico has had a major increase in crime due to drug wars and organized crime in recent years; however, the majority of the violence and crime is concentrated along the United States/Mexico border. Mexico is a very large country, yes, there have been problems in some areas, but not all of Mexico is dangerous. The United States has also had increased problems with violence and organized crime along the border but the entire country is not now considered to be dangerous.

A recent article by Journey Mexico compares the chances of being killed on vacation in Mexico to the chances of being killed in a car accident in the US.

“The chance of a visitor being killed on a trip to Mexico in 2010 was about 1 in 179,000. These are good odds, much better than the annual chance of being killed in a US traffic accident which is about 9,000 to 1. In other words, the chances of dying in a US traffic accident are roughly 20 times greater than being killed as a consequence of drug violence while visiting Mexico. (As an aside, the annual chances of being killed in a Mexican traffic accident are about 1 in 4,800.)”

Read the rest of this interesting article at Journey Mexico Blog.

Myth #2- Cancun is only for spring breakers.

Cancun is a great destination for families. There are many all inclusive hotels that cater to families with wonderful kids’ clubs. The Gran Caribe Real has a fabulous Kid´s club and pirate ship water slide play area and a teen’s club with video games, movies and games. There many parks and activities for families that are entertaining for all ages. Xcaret park, Xel-Ha, Xplore, Crococun Zoo, Wet & Wild and Dolphin Discovery are some of the more well known family attractions in the Cancun and the Riviera Maya, but there are literally thousands more attractions and tours for families to explore this beautiful coastal region.

Myth #3- Cancun has no alcohol laws.

The legal drinking age is 18 in Cancun and throughout Mexico. Public alcohol consumption and public drunkenness are both illegal. These laws exist, although they are loosely enforced, especially for tourists. If you are walking down the street with a beer in your hand, you run the risk of having a problem with the law. There is no need to cancel your party plans just be aware of the laws. The key is to avoid any problems that could affect your vacation fun.

Myth #4- The only thing to do in Cancun is go to the beach.

Cancun and the surrounding areas are literally teeming with activities. In Cancun there are plenty of shopping centers, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There is a charming little Mayan culture museum in the Convention Center, an aquarium in Plaza la Isla, a Wet & Wild water park, in the downtown area the Casa de Cultura has art expositions and free art movies along with many other events, El Pabillo coffee house has a small local theater troupe, the Pirate Boat dinner cruise is great fun, there are booze cruises and lobster dinner cruises, kite surf and wind surf schools are located in the hotel zone and Isla Blanca, there are archeological sites to explore right in Cancun, there are cooking schools, language schools, and the list goes on and on- and that’s just in Cancun! The list of tours available to the areas surrounding Cancun is even longer! Cancun is much more than just beautiful beaches!

Myth #5- All Mexican food is spicy.

While most Mexican restaurants and households serve hot sauce on the table for all meals, not all Mexican food is spicy. The food of this region of Mexico, the Yucatecan cuisine, is not spicy at all. Pollo pibil, panuchos, papadzules, relleno negro and queso relleno are a few of the local specialties that are tasty without being spicy. In this region the habañero pepper is king and many restaurants serve habañero salsas so you can make your plate hot or not. Mexican food is flavorful, colorful and varied. Don’t be afraid to try something new and spice it up a bit if you dare!

Myth #6- All beaches are top optional.

Although you may see topless tourists on the beaches in Cancun and on the Riviera Maya, public nudity is technically against the law in Mexico. This is a predominantly conservative Catholic culture. Public nudity is generally frowned upon, except for small children. While it is unheard of for a tourist to be penalized in any way for going topless on the beach, tourists should be aware that is not the prevailing cultural norm and it is actually against the Mexican laws of public decency.

Myth #8- Mexicans are lazy.

The most heavily exported image of Mexicans is that of the big bellied, huge sombrero wearing man sleeping up against a cactus. This image could not be further from the truth. For starters no one would sleep curled up to a cactus! In a recent study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) it was found that people in Mexico work longer hours, paid and unpaid, than the other countries in their study. Mexico, Japan and Korea were the closest for how many paid hours of work were performed daily. I am sure most people that live in Cancun would love to spend more time lounging in a hammock or frolicking on the beach, unfortunately nine hour work days and six day work weeks are the standard. For a look at the work statistics around the world check out this article from the OECD.

What myths about Cancun can you DEBUNK?

sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Playa del Carmen Marches to a Different Beat

Friendly and Trendy

Playa del Carmen is an enchanting, European inspired, laid back beach town

The friendly open atmosphere of this coastal town will have you feeling relaxed in no time. You can’t go wrong spending the day on Playa del Carmen’s famous trendy Fifth Avenue.

It is a delightful place to walk and explore shops, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops or to partake in the vibrant night life.

Glittering white sand beach

The beach here has a wonderful festive atmosphere.

Sparkling white and wide, this beach has a vibe all of its own. The ocean is clear and calm and the air is filled with sounds of the seaside intermingled with music from the beach club.

There are incredible beach clubs and restaurants with beach chairs and elegant beach cabañas. There are so many places to order a cocktail and people watch in a cool international party atmosphere that it hard to choose! Wander a bit further to the town center and watch or participate in an exciting game of beach volleyball or soccer.

Stay at the elegant Real Club Playa del Carmen and enjoy on the beach luxury and pampering service while being in the middle of this incredible Playa del Carmen atmosphere which has a sensation you won't find anywhere else.

An easy day trip from Cancun

Playa del Carmen is a shinning jewel on the crown of the Mayan Riviera.

This chilled out town is located on the sparkling Caribbean sea south of Cancun about 40 miles. It is an easy drive and an even easier bus ride.

The Real Club Resorts properties located in Playa del Carmen are filled with luxurious amenities and sublime comfort. Both conveniently located in the heart of this charming beach town.

Playa del Carmen is in a league of its own. The feel of this town cannot be compared to any other. You just have to see for yourself.

martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Cancun Weather Fail!? Go Shopping!!

Cancun Shopping

Cancun has premiere shopping plazas and malls in the hotel zone and throughout the city. The shopping malls in the hotel zone offer a variety of American, International and Mexican products and fashions. You will find luxury brands such as Rolex, Gucci and Louis Vuitton as well as Mexican Handcrafts and souvenirs. Enjoy dinning out at one of the many American chain restaurants, gourmet restaurants or sample some local flavor.

Photo from www.laislacancun.com.mx

  • Plaza la Isla is a lovely open aired mall on the Nichupte lagoon. With art galleries, boutique stores, restaurants; this mall has everything you would expect from a large shopping mall and more. The only movie theater in the Cancun Hotel Zone is located in Plaza la Isla. This movie theater is the most likely to be showing the latest attractions in English with Spanish subtitles- good to know on a rainy day!

Photo from www.kukulcanplaza.com
  • Plaza Kukulkan is a first class shopping experience featuring fine dining restaurants and an exclusive, boutique mall: Luxury Avenue, which features high end luxury shopping. Every hour on the hour there is a light and sound show in the center of Kukulkan Plaza which showcases a fantastic stained glass dome while introducing visitors to the Mayan god, Kukulkan- the God of Thunder and Wind, along with other important Maya deities. There is also a fabulous family recreation center in Plaza Kukulkan with bowling lanes and video games- a great way to spend the day indoors.
  • Plaza Forum by the Sea is located on the beach, in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone party center. There you will find, along with many other restaurants and attractions, Hard Rock Cafe, boutique stores and souvenir shops. There is always entertainment brewing at the Forum by the Sea; fire dancers, human statues, break dancers and many other entertainers flock to this mall to the delight of tourists and locals. Take a break from shopping and eating to look out over the ocean or put your toes in the sand in this spectacular mall on the beach.

  • There are plenty of other great places to shop in the hotel zone; smaller open air market areas, plazas and stores. Plaza la Fiesta is a great place to find wonderful Mexican curios and souvenirs.

If you feel like venturing out of the hotel zone, there is plenty of shopping to be had in downtown Cancun as well!

  • Plaza las Americas and Plaza Malecón are linked by an open air walkway located downtown Cancun between the major avenues of Bonampak and Tulum. Here you will find every store you can imagine and more. This is by far the busiest mall in Cancun. Here you will find a VIP movie theater with sumptuous easy chair style seating, a regular movie theater, Recorcholis video game center and plenty of other entertainment for the whole family.

  • Mercado 28 is a traditional market area where locals set up small stands and shops. Customers can barter prices and the atmosphere is lively and reminiscent of larger traditional markets of Mexico. This market area originally sold fruits, vegetables and all manner of household goods, but now caters to tourism and mostly sells silver, Mexican handicrafts, souvenirs and tequila.

  • There are many other stores and shopping areas in downtown Cancun; Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Paseos Cancun, City Club, Gran Plaza to name just a few, ask your friendly Real Club Cancun concierge for more information.