viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

Top 5 Must Have Tacky Cancun Souvenirs

5- Mexican Sombrero-

The all time classic must have tacky Cancun souvenir. Actually, a Mexican sombrero, in its proper context, is far from tacky. When a group of Mariachis traditionally dressed in Mariachi Mexican cowboy attire with beautifully adorned sombreros serenades a young couple in love or an elderly lady on her birthday, it is truly a sight to behold. The velvet mass produced Mexican Sombrero souvenir is different from other tacky souvenirs because it only becomes truly tacky when it reaches its final destination only to promptly collect dust on a shelf or occasionally passed around at college parties.

4- Shot Glass- Nothing says Cancun like a shot glass with Cancun painted across the side in day glow letters. Or do yourself one better and go for the shot glass with the plastiline nude figurine wearing only a sombrero to conceal his manly parts. There are a million shot glass designs to choose from in varying degrees of tackiness, choose the one that’s best for you!

3- Mezcal with a worm or scorpion-

(The cheaper the better!) This is a traditional must! Buy this for that macho man in your life as a test of his manhood; buy it for your grandmother to clean the sticky residue from price tags off of her knick-knacks; buy it for yourself to show off at your next party! This is a highly coveted tacky souvenir must have. Make sure to pack it carefully- you don’t want to lose a drop of its volatile contents!

2- Lucha Libre Mask- Lucha Libre is Mexican wrestling, similar to American wrestling in its showy choreography but with elaborate costumes that include a mask. The masks cover the whole head and are somewhat reminiscent of the Gimp from the movie Pulp Fiction.

In Cancun, Lucha Libre masks have been seen adorning the head rests in cars- how you use yours is up to you.

1- Snow globe- The number one tackiest must have Cancun souvenir is definitely the snow globe! What could be tackier than a cheap plastic beach scene encased in a clear globe where it “snows” year ‘round? The definition of tacky is the mix of palm trees and snow- is it not?

Your trip to Cancun is not be complete without a collection of tacky souvenirs, don’t forget the snow globe!

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